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TRIZ for Creativity and Clever Solutions Lecture

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Nowadays, TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) is a very influential innovation method in the world. Many well-known enterprises, such as GE, Huawei, Samsung, Boeing, Intel and HP,has taken TRIZ as the necessary skill of R&D engineers. They have trained the R&D managers and engineers to use TRIZ to improve their abilities of innovation, which effectively promotes the companies’ competitive advantages in innovation of product and solution.

In order to cultivate high-level engineers and designers with international vision, craftsmanship spirit and innovation ability, Business School invited Mr. Liu Xuewei, a senior expert in TRIZ, to give several lectures about TRIZ. Mr. Liu Xuewei is a senior lecturer in Fasinno Innovation Academy and has been certified TRIZ Level 4. He had ever served as senior manager in several business departments in Huawei Ltd.. And he was also the senior expert of Quality Management and Innovation in Huawei. These works brought him rich experiences about TRIZ training and practical innovation projects in world-class enterprises. The TRIZ lectures were arranged for students of Industrial design (Design Economics) 2019. Through lecture and case study in the classroom, reading and practice outside the classroom, the lectures aimed to help students to understand the principles and tools of TRIZ and equip them with the practical innovation skills to be more competitive in their future work.

The lectures were divided into five sessions (April 15, April 22, April 29, May 14, May 27), half a day each session and hosted by Associate Professor Cheng Yun. The lectures covered the contents of TRIZ Level I certification program, including why enterprises like TRIZ, the framework and fundamental principles of TRIZ, the Ideal Final Result and Ideality, Multi-Screen Analysis, Resource Analysis, Function Modeling and applying the IWB innovative software, Contradiction Theory, 40 invention principles and 4 ways to separate, the evolution trend of engineering system. In the lectures, the fundamental principles and tools of TRIZ and the innovation practice of several leading enterprises were introduced with a large number of practical cases.

Along with the lectures, the students were divided into six groups and chosen their own projects for practice. In these projects, they applied what they have learned to solve the real problem. The selected exercise projects include: 1st, Wireless Bluetooth Headset immersion-experience improvement; 2nd, sunshade efficiency improving, labor saving and surface automatic adjustment; 3rd, elevator humanized improving; 4th, cleaning water problem solving for small integrated electric boiler; 5th, right-and-left-hand suitable scissors design; 6th, upgrading umbrella. With the guidance of Mr. Liu, students gradually practiced in five stages in their spare time to obtain ideas and find solutions: defining the problem and finding the Ideal Final Result of the product, 9-Boxes analysis, Resource Analysis, applying IWB innovation management software(trial version) to make Function Modeling and obtain ideas, defining and solving the contradiction.

It is the first time for students to step into the world of TRIZ, and the first time to apply TRIZ methodology for problem solving and innovation. The students were curious and interested. They learned a lot about TRIZ principles and tools, while got a lot of ideas in their own design projects.

Introducing the value of TRIZ tools.

Introducing the Function Modeling

Group discussing

Text&Photos: Cheng Yun