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Practice-oriented Education of Business school

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Business School has a high-practical university programme modeled after the European-inspired concept of Applied Science, a global achieved by internationally renowned faculty with intellectual caliber and solid work experience overseas in countries like Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium who are able to offer theories along with an expansive range of real-life industrial and commercial insights,aiming to cultivate Chinese Philosophical Fundamentals coupled with building leaders for the future.

In the training of undergraduate majors, the practical course credits exceed 35%. Students are required to participate in school or enterprise practice projects, focusing on combining academic knowledge and business practice experience.At present, business school has carried out overseas exchange projects, such as OTH Regensburg, Munich University of Applied Sciences, International Technology University etc.,supporting internships at leading companies and start-up incubator opportunities via SZTU liaison office inbased in TechBase,Regensburg, Germany,inspiring students to become the next generation of global business leaders.