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Associate Professor Liu Gang Delivered a Presentation on ECKM 2022

Date:Sep 14, 2022 14:12Source: ClickTimes:

On September 1, Associate Professor Liu Gang, gave a presentation on "Knowledge Management Challenges in Start-up Companies in China's Greater Bay Area" at the European Conference on Knowledge Management 2022.

This presentation focuses on the research on the challenges and problems of knowledge management implementation for startups in China's Greater Bay Area. The study found six problems and challenges faced by startups in China's Greater Bay Area: Lack of knowledge about knowledge management, misunderstanding of knowledge management and information management, lack of resources, lack of formal procedures, fragmented human resource management practices, and lack of knowledge management system. This study points out the direction for these start-ups to start knowledge management and provides entrepreneurs with applicable knowledge management guidelines.

Scholars from many countries attended this conference. Dr. Liu had in-depth communication with scholars from many countries on the topic of this presentation. Dr. Liu's research provides constructive recommendations on the knowledge management practices for start-ups in the Greater Bay Area and theoretical support for the success of start-ups.

Picture 1: Dr. Liu is presenting the project on ECKM 2022

Text and Picture: Zhao Yixiao

Proof: Liu Gang