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Business School Seminar: Academic Integrity and Endnote Application

Date:Jun 13, 2022 17:28Source: ClickTimes:

On the afternoon of May 24th, Associate Professor Liu Gang held aseminaron “Academic Integrity and Endnote Application” in room 359 to guide students in writing essays.

Students from grades 20 and 21 of the Business School majoring in international business attended this seminar. This seminar mainly covers four aspects: academic integrity, academic writing, APA7 format requirements, and the application of EndNote software. First of all, Dr. Liu showed a video regarding "plagiarism", and guided the students on how to avoid plagiarism in essay writing. After this, he introduced reference styles in different disciplines and the reasons for their use, especially the format requirements of the APA7 style. Then, Dr. Liu explained how to use "summarizing", "paraphrasing" and "quoting" to avoid plagiarism through some examples in detail. Finally, Dr. Liu showed the students how to use EndNote to manage references, for example, importing references from the database (e.g., Web of Science, Scopus) into EndNote, inserting the references into Word, and managing references into groups. By doing so, students became more familiar with the use of EndNote after several times of operations.

After this seminar, the students had a deeper understanding of the writing of essays and the application of EndNote. They also learned how to use citations and references to avoid plagiarism and protect their academic integrity.

Picture: Dr. Liu explaining how to avoidplagiarism

Picture: Dr. Liu showing how to import references into Endnote

Picture: A student using Endnote

Text: Ye Shuting

Picture: Xu Jiewen

Proof: Liu Gang