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SZTU Students Enjoy English Film Performances

Date:Mar 22, 2019 15:57Source:SZTU Publicity Office ClickTimes:

The first SZTU English Film Performance Competition commenced at the library on March 21. Six competing teams took their turn presenting classic film clips in English on the stage.The audiences, judges as well as performers enjoyed the brilliant show in a relaxed atmosphere.

SZTU English Film Performance Competition opens at the library

The six performances were adapted fromGone with the Wind, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Avengers: Infinity War, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dead Poets Society, and Scent of a Woman.Student performers devoted themselves to vividly playing different roles and won warm praise and applause.

The performance competition ends with a group photo

The English Film Performance Competition serves as a platform for students to improve and show themselves, with which they can enhance their social skills and their ability to cooperate and innovate.