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SZTU Students Attend Regensburg Spring Camp 2019

Date:Apr 1, 2019 15:54Source:International Cooperation Student Affairs Office ClickTimes:

20 SZTU students arrived in Germany to embark on their two-week exchange program at Regensburg University of Applied Sciences (OTH Regensburg), which started from March 16.

SZTU students arrive at Germany

During the exchange program, SZTU freshmen are happy to talk with professors from OTH Regensburg face to face, who gave them lessons on skills on studying German, intercultural communication, logistics, business administration etc. Opportunities to visit well-known enterprises such as BMW as well as chances to get a taste of the cityscape of Regensburg, Munich and Nuremberg, were also provided.

Students carefully listen to a professor from OTH Regensburg

The two-week study at OTH Regensburg was interspersed by campus tours and lab visits. At an electronics technology lab, SZTU students were introduced to various lab equipment and relevant operation. Many of the equipment were hand made by OTH Regensburg students, among which a racing automobile attracted most attention.

SZTU students are interested in the racing automobile

Prof. Dr. Thomas Fuhrmann, Vice President of OTH Regensburg, and its former Vice President Prof. Dr. Holger Haldenwang, said it is important for students to show themselves with confidence in a real-life foreign-language environment, and that they were happy to see these young students make progress during the spring camp.