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Message to Students from the Dean (Feb 2023)

Date:Feb 23, 2023 14:16Source: ClickTimes:

Dear Students,

After three years of recurring difficulties due to Corona, life now seems to have largely returned to normal. You can be taught normally again in the classrooms, you can participate again in the usual social life on campus, be it in sports or cultural events, and you can now also travel abroad again.

This is exactly what I urge you to do: I have contacted all of our 15 southern German partner universities over the past two months. As a result of these contacts, it should be noted that two to three Summer schools will be organized in July at two to three Bavarian partner universities, in which you can participate.

In addition, I would like to urge you to go to the above-mentioned 15 different universities for an exchange semester starting in September of this year. Details can be obtained from the International Office of SZTU, but also from the Dean's Office of the Business School.

It would be wonderful if I could welcome one or the other of you e.g. at my former alma mater in Regensburg.
At the same time, in addition to this message, I would also like to wish you a good start to the new semester and combine this wish with a successful and happy semester.

Holger Haldenwang