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Notice on 10th Business School Forum

Date:Dec 19, 2022 08:49Source: ClickTimes:

Business School Forum: Guest Lecture Series (5)

Topic: CSR and Business Ethics

Tencent Conference ID: 649 594 513

Date & time: 18:50-20:10, 19 December, 2022

Speaker: Afke Schaart

Speaker Background:

Afke Schaart, obtained MA degree in University of Amsterdam, was EMEA Senior Director in Microsoft, VP and Head of Europe, Russia and CIS of GSMA (Brussels, Belgium), now is Vice President of Global Governmental Affairs and Chief Global Impact in Huawei.


Companies that operate globally also encounter global challenges and potential ethical problems that can turn into major issues, even crises. These companies face different government frameworks and regulations. At the same time, they also try to influence governments, sometimes with unethical measures. No matter how big the company, consumers and employees are most important stakeholders. Potential ethical issues can occur in this relationship as well. The guest speaker works for Huawei, a global company, and is an experienced executive who can share her personal experience.

All students and colleagues are welcome to join!