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Greeting of the Dean: Welcome to the new 2021/22 semester

Date:Sep 6, 2021 11:40Source: ClickTimes:

Dear students,

I am addressing you today through this medium with this message because it is not possible for all of us to meet in person and physically at SZTU at this moment.

First of all, I hope and wish that you are well and have enjoyed the vacations with your families and friends and have recovered well from the efforts of the last semester.

After all, the new semester has already started again and time has flown by. While some of you are now tackling your second year of study (and thus are no longer freshmen), it is now the third year for students in the Design Economics program. In particular, these students will only take courses in Industrial Design, but will be supervised by us in terms of content and especially form.

Dear students, you will all be required to perform in this semester as well, which I am firmly convinced you will master with flying colors. However, this of course requires commitment, persistence, diligence, a certain amount of ambition, punctuality and also team spirit. Particularly with the latter, it is always easier to sit down together and exchange ideas in discussions about the material learned or to be learned, and also to help each other.

Nevertheless, it is generally known that one should not tense up or be too ambitious despite all the work that needs to be done. It all comes down to finding the right balance. You should always take breaks to relax and also enjoy student life. Whether it's sports, art, music or social activities that enrich campus life.

The SZTU is now almost structurally complete and the offices of the Business School are located on the 14th and 15th floor in the building of the Sino-German College of Intelligent Manufacturing. Please feel free to stop by. Not only to get answers to questions that arise, but just to get an overview.

As I am still in Germany at the moment, you will probably meet me personally at SZTU after the Chinese National Day holidays.

I wish you all a good start into the new semester and a successful and smooth course.

Please take care of yourself and especially follow the rules and instructions established due to the recurring positive corona cases.

Welcome to the new semester 2021/22.

With sunny greetings


Holger Haldenwang