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Greetings of the Dean

Date:Jul 15, 2021 19:03Source: ClickTimes:


Dear students,

The semester is coming to an end and you may say hello to your well-deserved vacation.

For the majority of you, this first year at business school has been more challenging as you have had to deal with several things:

  • You have now probably been separated from your parents' home for a longer period for the first time and had to digest this new experience first. Some of you have surely thought longingly of the "Hotel Mama", where the clothes were washed "by yourself" and the food was always ready prepared on the table.

  • You had to find your way around a new environment and get used to it.

  • You had to look for new "destiny partners" and (hopefully) made new friends.

  • The way of teaching at SZTU was also new territory for most of you and you had to overcome this hurdle as well.

  • Finally, you were taught in English - at least in a large part of the subjects - and sometimes had great difficulties to follow the lecturers' explanations.

But you have mastered all this with flying colors and can be proud of yourself.

In any case, I hope that you are satisfied with your study progress, that you feel comfortable at the Business School of SZTU, that you keep up with the rapid (at least also structural) development and that you are now ready to gather new strength during your vacation and to approach the next tasks with confidence and vigor.

But before that I wish you all the best, have a good rest - possibly also with your family - and come back safe and sound.

Best regards and best wishes to you from

Holger Haldenwang

Dean of the BS