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Can the book be opened like this? Book-Photo takes you to find out

Date:May 27, 2019 17:31Source: ClickTimes:

A cup of fragrant coffee

A quiet and fresh environment

A reader who enjoys the book

Is the most elegant way to open each book

Books are just like people, each of them is a different kind of fireworks with its own colors. The Book-Photo event of the Library will take you to unlock different ways to open books.

Here you can use the book cover as a photo material, or you can imitate the character shape on the cover of each book, and you can make a second creation in the sky.

Only the moves that can't be imagined, there is no endless shape! !

The library teacher personally demonstrated howling:

"Open the book and read the life, close the book and decorate the youth."

There is also a wonderful interpretation of our classmates:

The following books will also be a good choice~~

If you are confident to take more cool and creative photos.

If you want to make your most satisfying photo appear in the library official micro.

If you want to recommend your favorite books to the whole school.

Then! Please read the following registration items carefully!

Event Name:BOOK-Photo Competition of the Library of Shenzhen Technology University

Organizer:Shenzhen Technology University Library, Creative Design College of SZTU

Activity Process:Submit the work from now until June 16th → June 17th - June 21st selection works → June 24th - June 26th popular works voting → July 1st - July 12th

Selection rules:

1. After the completion of the submission, the library will organize a panel of judges to score the selected works and select a number of outstanding and creative awards.

2. Vote for the popularity award from February 24th to June 26th.

3. All winning entries will be exhibited in the library, and all award-winning authors will receive a beautifully customized gift, and the prizes will not be repeated.

Ways of registration:

1. Click on the original download event registration form and fill it out as required.

2. Name the entry form and the entry in the format of “College + Name + Student ID (if more people participate, write only one primary contact information)” and send it to the event email address: sztulib@sztu.edu.cn.

3. The subject of the email is named after "Book-Photo + Name of the entrant + name of the book used". If you receive a reply approved by the email, the registration is successful.

4. All the teachers and students of SZTU can sign up for the event.

Registration requirements:

1. The content, theme, color, and presentation method of the work are not limited, but the library's existing books must be used for creative photography. The theme is positive and there is no bad image.

2. The work needs to be a single JPG format photo of 2M or more. The author can make appropriate parameter adjustment and image processing for the work.

3. The work must be an original work that the participant has not published on other platforms, and has the copyright of the work. If the participant has plagiarism and infringement, the disqualification will be cancelled upon discovery; the resulting reputation right and portrait right Legal disputes such as copyrights are not related to the organizer, and the relevant responsibilities are borne by the participants themselves.

4. Entries must be taken in real time. They should not be directly combined with the photos of the books and the photos of the characters. No logos, watermarks, decorative borders, or other photos that affect the authenticity of the work, such as adding or deleting image content.

5. Anyone who participates in this activity is deemed to have agreed to all the provisions of this activity, and authorizes the library to have the right to use the work (including online and offline use and exhibition). Any work that does not meet the requirements may not participate in the selection.

Book-Photo event

Waiting for your show ! ! !

For details, please refer to the official website of Shenzhen Technology University Library: http://lib.sztu.edu.cn/info/1104/2147.htm