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Library Movie Appreciation: The "Green Book" will be shown on Wednesday

Date:Jun 4, 2019 17:31Source: ClickTimes:

Dear teachers and classmates:

In order to enrich teachers and students' cultural activities and create a good campus cultural atmosphere, the library will showcase film masterpieces every Wednesday and Saturday. The film screening information on Wednesday is as follows:

Film Name: "Green Book"

Showtime: June 5th 19:00-21:00

Screening location: Multi-function hall on the first floor of Zhuyun Library

Film director: Peter Ferrari

Video dubbing: Viggo Mortensen / Mach Salad Ali

Movie type: Drama

Introduction to the film: A black pianist, looking for a rudely discriminating southern tour, found a rude white man to be a driver. In the process of driving south, the two very different people constantly contradicted each other, causing a lot of quarrels and jokes. But when they need each other most, they will tide over the difficulties together. At the end of the trip, the two also slowly put down their prejudice... The Green Book is a travel guide for black people, which lists hotels and restaurants in the cities that allow blacks to enter. The film is adapted from a real story.

All teachers and students are welcomed . Free admissionby campus card, limited seats,until the full!


June 4,2019