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Sheng Rong, CEO of the Red Sea Human Resources Group (Shenzhen) Speech: Bloom the light of Youth —— Career planning !

Date:Jun 27, 2022 17:41Source: ClickTimes:

June 24th, Regina Fang-Ying Lin, Associate Professor of Business School, invited Ms Sheng Rong, CEO of the Red Sea Human Resources Group (Shenzhen), to give a speech: Career Planning lecture on the Training, Development and Employment of undergraduates in Human Resource Management in room C5-102. Associate Professor Yun CHENG and some students in grades 20 and 21 attended the lecture.

In the beginning, CEO Sheng shared how to match our job selection and the results of the MBTI test—followed by "What are the talent standards of enterprises", "How to do a good job in personal career planning", and "exploring the practice of human resources and ecological digital economy". Then, by introducing the Huawei, McKinsey and Cleaning employment standards and sharing part of the information about selection standard and interview setting at the Red Sea Human Resources Group group, she summed up what kind of talents the enterprise needs. Then, She introduced the employment situation of college students, including the starting point of different degrees and salaries, the choice of front-line hot positions and employment direction, and how to improve their competitiveness. In addition, she also offered the targeted job selection based on 23 years of experience in the HRM are made for the current three majors of Business School: Human Resources Management, Financial Management and Marketing Management, including corresponding positions, basic certificates, popular general and professional certificates and other bonus items. It is a valuable development guide for students.

Finally, CEO Sheng briefly introduced the Red Sea Human Resources Group and told about how the company explored the value of human resources. The atmosphere of the lecture was active. The students asked questions and answered and received gifts brought by Ms Sheng. In the end, Prof. Lin presented the SZTU's cultural and creative products to CEO Sheng Rong. Thanks indeed to CEO Sheng for her insightful sharing. The Professors and students present gained a lot.





Text: Shirley Shuting Ye

Figure: Mengna Ding, Shirley Shuting Ye

Proof: Regina Fang-Ying Lin