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Event Review on "ACCA Job Hunting Competition X Think Ahead" (JHC2023)

Date:May 8, 2023 16:47Source: ClickTimes:

The "ACCA Job Hunting Competition X Think Ahead" (JHC) organized by ACCA is based on building a school-enterprise communication and display platform to help college students improve their employability in an all-round way. With the strong support of many ACCA recognized employers, the competition simulates the formal job application process, creates a real business challenge atmosphere through online assessment, group case analysis, on-site presentations and other diversified forms, helping tens of thousands of students who are aspiring to become business elites master job search and interview skills, improve their comprehensive quality, and help them find their ideal jobs in the future workplace.

The 2023 ACCA Job Hunting Competition X Think Ahead (JHC2023) opened registration for our students for the first time, attracting more than 100 students from our school to sign up. More than 2,000+ students in the South China Division (Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan Province) signed up, and after the online CATA system evaluation in the preliminary round of the competition, a total of 96 students in the entire competition area were shortlisted for the semi-final. Among them, four students from our Business School, Cai Wantong (22 cohort International Business Class 1), Zhong Huishan (22 cohort International Business Class 3), Ding Manqi (21 cohort International Business Class 1) and Chen Zhuobin (21 cohort International Business Class 3) stood out. In the rematch session, our 4 students and other students from Xiamen University, Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology and other universities in South China competed on the same stage, and completed excellent business case analysis in the tight four-day preparation time. In the competition, they have improved professional skills, as well as gained valuable and unforgettable memories.

Picture 1. Semi-final promotion email (part of)

Picture 2. Team project presentation

Picture 3. Screenshots of team member presentation (from top to bottom: Ding Manqi, Chen Zhuobin, Cai Wantong, Zhong Huishan)

Text: Cai Wantong, Liu Ying

Picture: Cai Wantong