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2023 IACMR Conference - Professional Development Workshop (PDW) Proposal Accepted

Date:Jan 17, 2023 11:24Source: ClickTimes:

Led by Dr. Jack Woo, and assisted by three second year students from Business School, a proposal for Professional Development Workshop (PDW) (submission ID 2023PDW024) at 2023 IACMR HK conference has been accepted by the PDW Chair. The workshop is targeted at young faculties to develop professional skills on how to creatively use modern technology platforms and simulated programs in teaching Finance and Management Science.

The workshop will be jointly delivered by Dr. Jack Woo, Ryan Ruan, Joanna Chen and Charles Tong from Business School. Over thousands of management scholars around the world will attend the IACMR biennial conference. It provides an avenue for management scholars to present latest theoretical and empirical findings in Chinese management studies and to develop their research and teaching skills. We wish the team a great success in the workshop delivery. It sets a good example by encouraging professors and students to attend international conferences and have dialogues with global scholars.

The PDW delivery team:

胡国联 博士, Woo Koklian, Dr. Jack Woo. (Lead Professor)

阮志鑫, Ruan Zhixin, Ryan Ruan.

陈思静, Chen Sijing, Joanna Chen.

童鑫, Tong Xin, Charles Tong.

Text: Jack WOO