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Watching movies, recalling the past

Date:May 13, 2022 15:22Source: ClickTimes:

In the sunny May, Youth Day is coming. Students of Class 2 Grade 2020 of the Business School, got together to celebrate and welcome the 20th National Congress.

Event time: 2022/4/30

Venue: Shenzhen Technology University ‘s Library and Lakeside Lawn

一、"Watching the movie" - experience the revolutionary spirit and show the youthful demeanor.

By watching the red historical film, you can experience the hardships of the Red Army's Long March, build a united and harmonious class group, enhance the vitality of the Youth League branch, strengthen the students' independence, industriousness and courage, cultivate the students' good quality of mutual help and cooperation, and strengthen the cohesion of the class. Guide the youth of this class to strengthen their understanding of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese Communist Youth League.



二、Have a picnic, team members do it themselves, collaborate with each other

Holding a dinner party helps to cultivate the good quality of mutual help and cooperation among students, overcome objective difficulties, actively cooperate with participants, attach importance to collective unity, and enhance the cohesion of the League Branch of the Second International Business Class. It is more conducive to cultivating socialist successors and cultivating outstanding party activists.


picture shows class2’ chorusnamed"Me and My Motherland"


三、Impressions of the group day activities

Yan Guodong, Class 2 Grade20, International Business:

First of all, when we watched the documentary "Our Grandparents" in the library, I deeply realized the difficulty of the Chinese revolution, and felt the great glory of the revolutionary martyrs. It was they who established the new China and created the present beauty Life. Then we went back to the dormitory and helped the class committee to carry the food and drinks we needed from the dormitory to the lakeside for a picnic. To be honest, this process was quite painful for everyone, so everyone understood each other and no one complained. But when I got there, most of the class was there, we sat around, and after singing "My Motherland and Me", we ate, drank, chatted and laughed together. At this time, I felt that all the previous fatigue and heat were worth it. , is to prove how painful you are to invest in this thing, then how happy you are when you enjoy the fruits of it. And in this activity, we don't have the extra burden of pursuing a specific result, everyone just enjoys the process together and builds a connection between people. I think this is a long dry spell for the boring life after the school closure. Ganlin's feeling. To sum up, this group day activity was very successful. If there were no mosquito bites on the grass by the lake, I would be perfect. I would like to thank the college for its support for this activity.

Pan Honglin, Class 2 Grade20,International Business:

On the afternoon of April 30th, our class held a group day activity. First of all, we watched the red documentary. The documentary was about the memories of the anti-Japanese soldiers and soldiers. The one who impressed me the most was an instructor of the Eighth Route Army. He revised the manuscript eight times. In the end, he finished revising his memories of the war against Japan. He thought that he was lucky enough to not die on the battlefield. In the final shot, he recalled his comrades-in-arms, and hoped that our descendants would work hard and serve the motherland. It is because of these martyrs who throw their heads, shed their blood, and dare to change the sun and the moon, we can enjoy this peaceful and peaceful life. The class collective also organized related psychological activities to do psychological work for us who are still in school. During the school closure, the college cared about the lives of the students and regularly organized nucleic acid tests. We were able to quickly adapt to the life back to school. After the picnic, we ended our activity, thank our class committee for their efforts, without their good organization, the activity would not have had such a good effect.

Chen Jingnan, Class 2 Grade20, International Business:

Facing the cool wind in the afternoon, our class organized a unique group day activity. While watching the film, we recall the history, experience the hardships, and understand the importance of inheriting the red spirit. The lawn picnic as the form of team building and chorus enhanced the cohesion of my classmates. We felt the same happiness, felt another charm of campus life, and had a deeper understanding of the group and the party. It is also hoped that more diverse group day activities will be held in the future to enhance the fun and allow more students to actively participate in them.

Wan Lingxuan, Class 2 Grade20,International Business:

This group day event is very meaningful. We not only carried out the education of love for the party and patriotism and enriched our extracurricular life, but also enhanced the mutual understanding among the students and strengthened the cohesion of the team. The class committee did a lot of planning before the event: finding content for watching movies, preparing patriotic chorus music, planning a picnic... Thank you very much! Every student reported with a high degree of enthusiasm, performing talents, talking and laughing. We enjoy activities and learn and grow in them. The sun was just right that afternoon, and in this youth, I am a strong country! I wish everyone a harmonious and beautiful family!

Text: Class 2 Grade 2020 International Business , Chen Lening