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Introduction of Business School from the Dean

Date:May 13, 2022 10:54Source: ClickTimes:

Dear future students,


dear people interested in our BS,




First let me introduce myself briefly: My name is Holger Haldenwang, I am German and I am working as a dean for the BS.


You may ask yourself why a German?


SZTU tries to adapt the model of the University of Applied Sciences, which is very successful in Germany, to the Chinese characteristics here in Shenzhen.


What is special about this type of university compared to traditional universities?


First, our professors have all had practical experience outside the university.首先,我们的教授都有校外的实践经验。We have all worked in companies or other institutions and know the practical problems in reality, not just the academic ones.我们都在企业或者其他机构工作过,深知现实中的实际问题,而不仅仅只是学术问题。

Secondly, all students have to work in companies for a whole practical semester and in fact completely 6 months usually in the 5th or 6th semester - depending on the course of studies.其次,所有学生都必须在公司实习一个完整的学期,通常会安排在大三上学期或者下学期,这取决于学习的课程安排。There the students can see how the theoretical knowledge is implemented (or not) in reality.在公司实习中,学生可以看到理论知识是如何在现实中实施(或不实施)的。

Thirdly, we teach in small groups (seminar-style teaching) to encourage students to actively participate, and even in English.

第三,我们会以小组教学(研讨会式教学)鼓励学生积极参与其中,甚至是用英语。We are international and educate students for the business community in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macau Greater Bay Aerea, in order to provide companies, but also the whole society, with highly qualified young professionals and soon leaders.我们学院也是非常国际化的,为粤港澳大湾区的商界培养学生,以便为公司乃至整个社会提供高素质的年轻专业人士和未来的领导者。And English is still the common lingua franca in the international environment.而英语仍然是国际交流中的通用语言。That's why we want students to lose their shyness about English right from the start and to actively participate in presentations and discussions.这就是为什么我们希望学生从一开始就摆脱对于英语的胆怯,要积极参与演讲和讨论。

At the same time, we also offer interesting projects during the so-called lecture-free periods.同时,我们还在学生课余时间提供了各种有趣的项目。We offer summer- and/or winter schools with partner universities all over the world.我们与世界各地的大学合作提供夏令营和冬令营。These schools offer our BS students the chance to build international networks or to develop personal relationships, even friendships.这些学校为商学院的学生提供建立国际网络或发展个人关系甚至是友谊的机会。This means that students have the opportunity to go abroad for several weeks - pandemic permitting; during pandemic periods we have organized online summer schools with great success.这意味着学生有机会在疫情期间被允许出国留学;另外在疫情期间,我们也已经组织了夏令营并获得了巨大的成功。

Of course, we help the students in all these activities with advice and support.当然,商学院也会在各个领域为学生提供建议和支持。For example, just a week ago one of our students decided to spend even the whole coming semester at one of our partner universities in Innsbruck in Austria.比如,就在一周前,我们的一名学生决定花一个学期的时间在我们位于奥地利因斯布鲁克的一所合作大学学习进修。I personally advocated for her and also campaigned for her to receive the appropriate credits and to be recognized.这是我亲自为她争取来的机会,同时也为她争取到了适当的学分认可。

SZTU's Business School stands for 4 times the letter "I": Innovative, Intelligent, International and Interactive.深圳技术大学商学院代表了4个字母“I”:创新、智能、国际、互动。

Therefore, I urge you to take advantage of the opportunities we offer you with our International Business, Financial Management and Marketing degree programs.因此,我敦促您选择并好好利用我们为您提供的国际商务、财务管理和市场营销专业的学习机会。

I extend a warm welcome to you.热烈欢迎您的到来。

Xie Xie and Bye bye谢谢

Holger Haldenwang

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