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Business School is seeking for Professors Globally

Date:May 11, 2022 15:16Source: ClickTimes:

SZTU Business School is offering full time professorships in these below positions:

Major of International Business:国际商务专业

BS01. Business English

BS02. Accounting

BS03. Project Management

BS04. HR Management/Planning and Supply

BS05. HR Management/Psychology and Organizational Behavior

BS06. International Economics

BS07. Economics (Methodology of Empirical Research/ Business Forecasting /Academic Writing)

Major of Financial Management:财务管理专业

BS08. Intelligent Finance/Strategic Management

BS09. Corporate Finance/Asset Pricing

BS10. Data Analytics/ Accounting

BS11. Auditing/Taxation

Major of Marketing:市场营销专业

BS12. Digital Marketing

BS13. Marketing Analytics

BS14. B2BMarketing / Industrial Marketing

BS15. Statistics


1.Make good use of program-related knowledge and expertise to carry out university teaching and practical project tasks.

2.Undertake duties assigned by the School.


The candidates must have business experience in companies, organizations and institutions with international background, open-minded personalities with the willingness to work together with companies and to do applied research.

(1)Ph.D. degree;

(2)A high level of English language proficiency is required to undertake English taught course(s);

(3)Candidates must have a strong commitment to effective teaching, productive research, and quality services to the school, the university, and the society;

(4)At least 3 years working experience in companies/institutions/organizations outside of the campus;

(5)International experiences background is preferred.

Application Process:

1.Submit your resume on the official website of the HR department;

2.Send the Application materials(Including: complete English curriculum vitae; scanned copies of graduation and degree certificate)with the title as “Full Name of Applicant + Position” to:

If you have any questions about the job, do not hesitate to call us:

0755-23256610(Business School)