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职务 Associate Professor


Wang Yunxia 

Full name:Wang Yunxia
Position:Associate Professor
College:SZTU Business School

Personal Profile

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor. Nearly 10 years working experience in foreign enterprises, mainly engaged in revenue and cost accounting, financial analysis, project management and other related work. Good at report management, process optimization, accounting processing. Engaged in the research of Logistics economy, economic efficiency and regional economy, and published 10+ papers in CSSCI journals such as Soft Science, Business Economic Management, Finance and Trade Research etc. The main representative papers in the past three years are as follows:

1. Technical Progress Bias, Factor Endowment and Green Total Factor Productivity of Logistics Industry, Journal of Beijing University of Commerce and Industry: Social Science Edition, 2018, 33 (2): 51-61 (Full Text Reprinted in the 6th issue of Logistics Management, Copied by the Book and Newspaper Information Center of Renmin University of China, 2018);

2. Elasticity of Factor Substitution and Growth Effect in China's Logistics Industry: 1978-2015, Finance and Trade Research, 2018, v.29; No.179 (05): 28-37;

3. The Impact of Economic Density on the Relation between Urban Scale and Economic Efficiency: A Case Study of Cities at Prefecture Level and Above in China. Urban Issues, 2018 (4): 59-64;

4. Element Substitution and Logistics Industry Growth under Partial Technological Progress, Business Economy and Management, 2017.11;

5. China Logistics Industry Factor Substitution and Technology Progress Preference Selection, Soft Science, 2017 (10): 23-26;


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