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职务 Associate Professor


Lin FangYing


Full name:Lin FangYing 
Position:Associate Professor
College:SZTU Business School



Personal Profile

Regina Fang-Ying Lin received her PhD in Construction and Real Estate economics from University College London (UCL, 2022 QS Ranked 8th) and is Associated Professor, master supervisor, and Shenzhen Oversea High-level Talent. Before joining Shenzhen Technology University, she worked at the Institute of Planning and Physical Information (IPPI) and Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen (HITSZ). She has about 6 years of experience in teaching under-grates, post-grates, and MPA students. Her students received many awards in Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program and received offers for research programmes from outstanding universities.

Professor Lin also serves as Associate Editor of International Journal of Engineering Business and Management (ESCI, EI) and the reviewer of Structural Change and Economic Dynamics (SSCI, Q2) and Enterprise Information System (SCIE, Q2) etc.; and international conference session chair of Regional Science Association International (RSAI); and member of European Real Estate Society (ERES), Global Chinese Real Estate Congress (GCREC), American Real Estate Society (ARES), American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA); and Shenzhen project committee, etc. Overall, she has more than 10 years of industrial and academic experience in urban and real estate studies, applied spatial econometrics and AI modelling. Selected projects and publications are as follows:

1. The intelligent spatial economic collaborative education platform, Ministry of Education, China. 2019.07-2020.06. PM. Completed.
2. Applied big data analysis on urban spatial economic and residents behavior studies. Shenzhen Finance Bureau. 2017.07-2019.12. PM. Completed.
3. New Direction for Urban Development - From Urbanization to World Urban Agglomeration. Shenzhen Academy of Social Science. 2017. PM. Completed.
4. Research on Happy City in Greater Pearl River Delta. Science and Technology Innovation Committee of Shenzhen Municipality. 2020.05-2023.05. PM. On-going.
5. Research on the impact of agglomeration investment of Chinese real estate developers on house price stability and urban livability. Science and Technology Innovation Committee of Shenzhen Municipaility. 2021.06-2023.06. PM. On-going.

Refereed Journal Papers (* represent corresponding author) :
1. Regina Fang-Ying Lin*, Chiye Ou, Kuo-Kun Tseng, Bowen Deng, K.L. Yung. The Disruptive Technology with Spatial Neural Network for Property Appraisal in Real Estate Industry. Technological Forecasting & Social Change (SSCI, JCR Q1, IF:8.593) (Chinese Academy of Sciences: Regional Science and management, Q1 TOP)
2. Tseng Kuo-Kun , Regina Fang-Ying Lin*, Zhou H. Price prediction of e-commerce products through Internet sentiment analysis [J]. Electronic Commerce Research, 2017. Price prediction of e-commerce products through Internet sentiment analysis. Electronic Commerce Research , 2018(18) pp.65-88. (SSCI, JCR Q2, IF:4.034; Citation: 26)
3. Ivan Lee and Regina Fang-Ying Lin*. Economic Complexity of the City Cluster in Pearl River Delta, China, Sustainability 2020, 12:5639: pp.1-12. (SSCI, JCR IF: 2.798, Q2)

1. Regina Fang-Ying Lin et al. New Direction for Urban Development -
From Urbanization to World Urban Agglomeration. China Social Sciences Press. August 2017 (In Chinese)
2. Zhou Fang. The Greater Bay Area-Cooperation Strategy and the Future of Hong Kong. City University of Hong Kong Press. 2018 (Participated in chapter 4, 5, 12) (In Chinese)
3. Xiao Jincheng, Chinese Urban Agglomerations (Book chapter 6.the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area ) (In Chinese)

1. Image Semantic Segmentation Method and System (pct/cn2019/084042, April 24, 2019)(In Chinese)
2. Intelligent Modular Apartment. Australian Government, Innovation Patent NO: 2021106141, 20 AUG. 2021
3. A Method, Device, System and Storage Medium for Calculating the Flow of People in Urban Street Community based on Deep Learning (application No: kp119-1747, 201910837440, September 28, 2019)(In Chinese)


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