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职务 Party Branch Secretary, Assistant Professor

Ding Zhuoqi

Full name:Ding Zhuoqi
Position:Party Branch Secretary, Assistant Professor
College:SZTU Business School

Personal Profile

Ph.D. in Economics, Assistant Professor, has been invited to Columbia University in US and Sciences Po Lille in France as a Visiting Researcher. Dr. Ding has served as a consultant for many technology companies and has participated in many national provincial and municipal social science fund research projects.

So far, She has published 9 academic papers at the domestic and international CSSCI/SSCI journals,such as “Forum on Science and Technology in China”, “Asian Business and Information Management”, and “Journal of Comparative International Management”, including one academic works 《Research on Intelligence & Knowlege innovation in AI Era and the applications in China-Based on the perspective of Intellectual Capital & Neuroeconomics》.

Research Areas: Intellectual Capital Business Model and Innovation

Recent published papers:

-Research on R&D Capitalization and its Impact on Regional GDP ,Forum on Science and Technology in China

-Research On Provincial R&D Capitalization and Its Economic Growth Contribution”,Industrial Economic Review

-Intellectual Property Protection under Intellectual Capital Business Model”,Human Resource Development of China

-Research on Intellectual Capital Business Model and its practice in China—Case study in K Group. Journal of Comparative International Management Vol. 17:2

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