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The Business School Hosts External Expert Lecture: Principles and Practices of Compensation Management in Enterprises

Date:Jan 23, 2024 10:35Source: ClickTimes:

On the morning of December 21, 2023, the Business School successfully hosted an external expert lecture titled " Principles and Practices of Compensation Management in Enterprises" in the classroom C5-534. Associate Professor Cheng Yun of Business School invited Ms. Qian Jinxiao to deliver an insightful lecture on compensation management for the students who major in International Business, HRM direction.

Ms. Qian Jinxiao, currently serving as the Director of Talent Dynamics Center and BG-HRBP at Shenzhen UBTECH Robotics Corporation Ltd., has been instrumental in establishing the system of compensation management and performance management at UBTECH. With prior experience at Huawei and Tencent, she previously served as a compensation and benefits COE expert at Huawei's HR department.

The lecture comprised two main segments: the workflow of compensation management and evolving trends in compensation.

In the first part, Ms. Qian illustrated four key areas—compensation strategy and pay philosophy, setting and reviewing the posts and job grades, current-status diagnosis of compensation and benefits, and application of compensation policies. Emphasizing the importance of aligning compensation strategies with business development stages, Ms. Qian highlighted considerations such as internal talent reserves, external talent environments, and cost budgets in the strategy formulation process. She then introduced three methods which were commonly used—job evaluation, market value, and classification—in the context of setting and reviewing job grades. During the section on diagnosing the current status of compensation and benefits, Ms. Qian shared how she applied external report of market survey to diagnose company issues and adjusted the pay structure. She emphasized that "the concern is not scarcity but inequality, and internal fairness is more important than external competitiveness." In the final part on the application of compensation policies, Ms. Qian provided multi-faceted insights based on her own experiences. She also explained kinds of incentive models for different business strategies and different types of business.

In the second part of compensation trends, Ms. Qian shared five characteristics, notably emphasizing that compensation design should increasingly highlight the "people-centric" philosophy. Additionally, she shared a TED talk on employee motivation, providing a deep explanation about the essence of employee’s drive and motivation.

With plentiful real-world examples and professional theories, Ms. Qian delivered a lecture rich in practical insights. The students gained a deeper understanding of compensation management. At the end of the lecture, students enthusiastically asked questions and discussed with Ms. Qian. The lecture was widely welcomed.

Figure 1. Ms. Qian providing insights during the presentation.

Figure 2. Students engrossed in listening.

Figure 3. Discussion between students and Ms. Qian 

Text: Dong Yubin

Images: Cheng Yun

Review: Cheng Yun