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Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) Business School Students Immerse in Experiential Learning During Visit to USD 10 Million Seed-Funded AI Startup in Shekou, Shenzhen

Date:Nov 28, 2023 15:35Source: ClickTimes:

In a dynamic educational initiative, students from SZTU's Business School’sService Marketing and International Marketingcourses,embarked on aninspiring journey to explore BOOLV Tech, a groundbreaking startup located in the vibrant tech hub of Shekou, Shenzhen.

Established in 2022, BOOLV Tech swiftly secured substantial seed funding from distinguished investors, amassing a total investment of USD 10 million. At the forefront of innovation, the company is dedicated to transforming the landscape of branded video content creation. Leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence, BOOLV Tech aims to augment efficiency and efficacy in content creation, marking a significant advancement in the industry.

During the visit, students had the privilege of engaging with Han Zhu, co-founder of BOOLV Tech, whose extensive professional background includes notable tenures at industry giants such as Tesla and ByteDance.HanZhu captivated students by recounting the inception of BOOLV Tech and byoffering valuable insights into the company's journey. More notably,she actively participated in a substantive discussion focusing on the intricacies of the company's service marketingactivities.

Dr. Markus Rach, Associate Professor and member of SZTU'sBusiness School faculty, emphasized the paramount importance of intertwining theoretical knowledge with practical experiences. He underscored the significance of providing students with an educational environment that not only imparts cutting-edge academic insights but also exposes them to the pulsating dynamics of the business realm.

In line with this philosophy, students are currently collaborating in teams to conduct an in-depth analysis of BOOLV Tech. Their objective is to propose enhancements to an already innovative and groundbreaking technological product offered by the company.

Expressing his satisfaction, Dr. Rach noted the positive receptionof students, commending their adeptness in posing incisive questions of strategic importance. Their professionalism and insightful engagement during the visit showcased a readiness to embark on successful and ambitious career paths, highlighting the effectiveness of SZTU's holistic approach to business education and the Business School’s focus on employability.

Text: Markus Rach