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The School-Enterprise Cooperation Event of the New Business Studio Innovation and Entrepreneurship Elite Class was successfully held.

Date:Nov 22, 2023 14:37Source: ClickTimes:

To further promote the cooperation between Shenzhen Technology University and Jiarui Group Limited, and enhance students' understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship, on November 14, 2023, Assistant Prof. Ding Zhuoqi and Wang Zhouwei from the Business School of Shenzhen Technology University led members of the New Business Studio Innovation and Entrepreneurship Elite Class to visitKashui Group. The students gained a deeper understanding of the company through activities such as visiting thekashui corridor, group project presentations, and expert guidance sessions.

The members of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Elite Class of the Business School of Shenzhen Technology University embarked on a tour ofKashui Group under the reception of staff such as Wu Dana, Liu Xuli, Chen Wenliu, and Li Yonghang. The members first visited the lobby exhibition area to learn aboutkashui Group's core businesses, including extrusion casting, 3D printing, and environmental protection surface treatment technology.

Next, in the new energy vehicle parts exhibition hall, experience the components such as electrical instruments, three-electric systems, chassis, and body structure.

Following the footsteps of the staff, the members arrived at the Industrial Culture Center to learn about the development process ofKashui Group through the corporate culture corridor.

Then they visited the data center and the mold workshop, where the members got a close-up experience ofKashui Group's core businesses.

Finally, the members arrived at the 3D printing workshop to experience the convenience brought to life by 3D printing technology.

After the visit, the members of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Elite Class went to the 308 conference room for project presentation.

Ms. Yu Hui Shan, the Operations Director ofKashui Group, Mr. Zhu Jie, the General Manager of the Expansion Center, Mr. Meng Qingwen, the Director of the National Intelligent Light Alloy Innovation Center, and Mr. Chen Weifeng fromKashui Enterprise Academy participated in the project roadshow as hosts and commentators. The judges and Ms. Ding separately scored and commented on the seven projects presented at the roadshow, providing a series of suggestions such as enriching the product range, multi-dimensional pricing, and considering differentiation.

At the end of the event, Vice Dean Chen of the Jerry Group Corporate Academy gave a lecture to the members of the Elite Class of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Shenzhen Technology University Business School, providing a lot of help to the students present in terms of project operation, innovation and entrepreneurship theories and methods.

The recent school-enterprise collaboration activity has played an important role in promoting cooperation and communication between the two parties, and in advancing innovation and entrepreneurship for future development.

Written by Tian Xvfei

Photo by Lin Yibin, Li Xin

Reviewed by Doris Ding