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Lecture on Labor Law

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On the afternoon of May 9, 2023, Business School of Shenzhen Technology University invited two lawyers Jiang Shiyi and Weng Ziyin from Shanghai AllBright (Shenzhen) Law Firm to give a lecture on job hunting and employment. Associate Professor Cheng Yun led all the students of 2021 to listen to the lecture at Teaching Building C5 Room 118. Lawyer Jiang Shiyi graduated from China University of Political Science and Law, and Lawyer Weng Ziyin graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. They have rich experience in solving the legal issues about acquisition and merger, capital market, labor disputes.

This lecture is part of the course "Human Resource Management". The lecture included six parts: overview of labor law, recruitment and employment labor contract, salary, vacation, social insurance and housing provident fund. Lawyer Jiang Shiyi and Lawyer Weng Ziyin, combined with specific cases, shared relevant provisions and cases about the Labor Law and Labor Contract Law with the perspective of the college students' employment, and then explained the details about the issues what students were concerned about.

Figure 1. The lecture

At the beginning of the lecture, Lawyer Weng Ziyin introduced the labor law system and the employment process, which set a foundation for the following contents. Lawyer Weng started with the wage regulations of Shenzhen employees, and deeply analyzed the specific connotation of the labor contract.

Subsequently, Lawyer Weng Ziyin told about the legal validi of Offer, entry physical examination and other aspects of recruitment, and explained her opinions combined with typical cases. With real cases, the students realized the importance of law, understood that how to use the law to protect their rights.

Figure 2. Lawyer Weng Ziyin talking about the legal effect of Offer

Additionally, Lawyer Jiang Shiyi shared the salary, vacation, social insurance, housing provident fund and other benefits according to the law, and listed the provisions of legal vacation and social insurance through the real cases, and provided good guidance for students to find jobs in the future.


Figure 3. Lawyer Jiang Shiyi talking about provisions about housing provident fund

Finally, students actively asked lawyers about questions and had in-depth communication with lawyers about future job hunting and employment issues.


Figure 4. Students asking questions

Figure 5. Student communicating with the lawyers

Text: Zhang Jiaqi, Liu Yuying

Figure: Liu Yuying, Cheng Yun

Proof: Cheng Yun