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IB2021 Students Visit Cifnews Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition with Dr. Liu Gang

Date:Mar 16, 2023 18:00Source: ClickTimes:

To improve the understanding of the e-commerce market and cultivate the professional quality of our students, Dr. Liu Gang led nearly 70 IB2021 students to attend the Cifnews Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition (CCEE) in Futian Convention and Exhibition Center on the afternoon of March 14. CCEE aims to promote the brand building and technology upgrading of traditional enterprises and is committed to building a high-quality supply and marketing platform for Chinese manufacturers to go to overseas markets and build a complete international trade industry chain. CCEE has been successfully held 17 times, helping many manufacturers to find retailers and providing cross-border flexible supply.

Before entering the exhibition hall, Dr. Liu Gang told the students to be brave to communicate with the exhibitors and actively ask them questions, so as to get an overall understanding of the business. Throughout the visit, the students scattered around the exhibition hall, visiting the exhibitors' booths.

Our students are active to visit booths from manufacturing companies to e-commerce companies, from small enterprises to large factories to learn knowledge from the exhibitors. On the way back, the students were chatting excitedly about their interesting experiences in the exhibition on the bus. Through this activity, the students had close contact with the commercial market and the e-commerce economy in China. Finally, Dr. Liu Gang was pleased to say that in this activity, he saw the students' enthusiasm for participating in the exhibition and learning. He also hoped that the students could keep this enthusiasm to be a lifelong learner.

Picture 1: Students are entering into the hall

Picture 2: A student is communicating with an exhibitor

Picture: Cheng Bodong

Text: Tu Qiaxuan

Proof: Liu Gang