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College-Enterprise Cooperation | Guangzhou EWHALEInternet Group Signing Ceremony with Business School

Date:Nov 19, 2021 19:46Source: ClickTimes:

On November 15, 2021, Mr. He Zhichao, Chairman of Guangzhou EWHALE Internet Group, Mr. Cai Gaosheng, Director of EWHALE and Dean of Hang University Internet of Things Research Institute, and Mr. Luo Jiahao, Head of Marketing Department of EWHALE Shenzhen, visited the Business School of Shenzhen Technology University and had a cordial meeting with Prof. Holger Haldenwang, Dean of Business School, Ding Zhuoqi, Assistant Professor of Business School, and Liang Minyi, Secretary of Business School. After learning about the Business School’s practical-based applied sciences education model, and the international faculty, the representatives of the EWHALE showed a strong interest in the future graduates of the Business School.

Mr. Cai said that students and companies benefit each other. Students need companies to provide opportunities for practice to truly apply their knowledge while companies also need students to provide new ideas to provide fresh energy for the innovation and development. Professor Holger Haldenwang, Dean of the Business School, agreed that this is consistent with his applied sciences education. He will continue to promote school-enterprise cooperation and build a bridge of communication between students and enterprises.

After in-depth communication, the Business School and EWHALE signed the "School-Enterprise Cooperation Framework Agreement" and the "Off-School Internship Base Cooperation Agreement". In the future, the Business School and EWHALE will conduct in-depth cooperation in various fields such as student internships, school lectures, and scientific research project cooperation.

Left: Mr. He Zhichao, Chairman of Guangzhou EWHALE Internet Group. Right: Prof. Holger Haldenwang, Dean of Business School

From left to right: Mr. Luo Jiahao, Mr. Cai Gaosheng, Mr. He Zhichao, Prof. Holger Haldenwang, Assistant Professor Ding Zhuoqi, of Business School, and Ms Liang Minyi

Text and Photos: Liang Minyi