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Campus Life | Tan Haiyi from 2019 Industrial Design (Design Economics) Program

Date:Apr 26, 2021 11:48Source: ClickTimes:

My name is Tan Haiyi, a student from Business School of SZTU, majoring in industrial design (design economics).

Building good relationship with teachers and friends, delving into the field that I am interested in attracts me a lot. Many excellent, responsible, and energetic teachers gave me their generous care and guidance. I also participated in competitions with fellows and organized activities by which we innovate and progress together.

I love the free atmosphere that enable me to explore my interests. In SZTU, the practical application of knowledge is an important part for student assessment, and various lectures and exchange programs are beneficial for our future development. Also, SZTU encourages innovation and entrepreneurship so we can participate in many projects and competitions, communicating with students from different majors and work hard to achieve goals.

In a word, it is worthy to be part of the SZTU!