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International Business and Marketing Course are Open to SZTU Students

Date:Oct 16, 2018 16:02Source:Photo by International Cooperation Student Affairs Office ClickTimes:

The International Business and Marketing course, part of the Economics of Engineering Course Series, was open to SZTU students on October 14, the lecturer of which is Markus Prandini, a professor for International Business at the School of Management and Law of Zurich University of Applied Sciences. This course provides a systematic introduction into the concepts and practices of international business and marketing with a focus on cross-border economic activities that involve all commercial transactions between individuals, private organizations and governments.


Students are listening to Prof. Prandini carefully

Through a number of lifelike business cases and insightful reading materials, Prof. Prandini taught students to think actively and guided them to respond spontaneously with the help of team project, news discussion and other interactive teaching approaches.


Group discussion is an essential part of the course

Upon finishing the International Business and Marketing course, students are expected to be equipped with international management, marketing theories and concepts and able to apply them to real-world situations.