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SZTU BS x HRnetOne Career Talk & Workshop

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Part I. Career Talk on Campus

Ø Date & Time: 2023.10.24 (Tue) 14:30pm

Ø Venue: SZTU C-5-102

Ø Topic

² Company Introduction

² APAC Talent Trend

² Industry Insight (Tech, Consumer & Retail, Property)

² Impact on Fresh Graduates & How to Plan Career

Know Your Strengths

Select & Qualify Your 1st Employer

Sell Yourself to Win the Opportunity

² HRnetOne Talent Programme

* Outstanding students from the Career Talk will be invited to the company to participate the Workshop on Oct. 27th 2023.

Ø Guest Speakers

² HRnetOne S.CN Business Leader – Maverick Tan, Tech

(15+ years of experience in professional recruitment)

² HRnetOne Shenzhen Office Head – Frances Li, Consumer & Retail

(10+ years of experience in professional recruitment)

Article: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/7zAhVc-FB2BX6YNgrFlZ8Q

² HRnetOne Guangzhou Office Head – Agnes Chen, Property

(10+ years of experience in professional recruitment)

Article: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/BhucWR9R-WQSl0kFqexQDg

Part II. Workshop in HRnetOne Shenzhen Office

Ø Date & Time: 2023.10.27 (Fri) 14:00pm

Ø Venue: HRnetOne Shenzhen Office

Ø Topic

² Company Introduction

² Ice Break & Case Study

² One-On-One with leaders

² Skillset Workshop

² Wrap up

Ø Involved Leaders & Consultants

² Consumer & Retail – Frances & Justine

² Lux & Retail – London

² Tech – Keisha & Scarlett

* Outstanding students from the workshop on 27th Oct 2023 can skip the interviews and start the trial of trainee program directly.

1. Company Introduction

HRnetOne, one of the brands in HRnetGroup, is a renowned headhunting firm founded in Singapore. With operations in 15 Asian growth cities, the Group has more than 1,200 professional consultants.

As the first established brand in 1992, HRnetOne has set up offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, Shanghai, Bangkok, Beijing, Guangzhou, Seoul, Jakarta, Suzhou, and Shenzhen, focusing on executive search.

Our professional services include talent referrals, career consulting, business management consulting, talent development consulting, etc. The China team has teams specializing in a broad spectrum of industries, including Industrial, Chemical, Food Science, Finance and Accounting, Artificial Intelligence, Retail & Consumer, Real Estate & Construction, etc.

2. Positions & Target Students & Hiring Cities

Ø Positions & Target Students:

² Recruitment Consultant Trainee (Y2024 fresh graduates)

² Recruitment Consultant Intern (Year 3 or Year 4 students, and gap year for Master)

Ø Hiring Cities:

² Shenzhen / Guangzhou / Shanghai / Beijing

3. Qualification

Ø Bachelor’s degree or above; or currently in year 3 or year 4; with previous recruitment/sales experience is a plus

Ø Be passionate about developing your career in a sales environment, keen to achieve your ambition within a high-performing team

Ø Quickly react to clients’ requirements, proven analytical and problem-solving abilities and superb communication skills are essential

Ø Mature and results-driven with logical thinking, always aiming at achieving the goal

Ø Approachable and accessible, entrepreneurial, energetic, resilient, and dynamic team player

Ø Positive attitude, Pro-active, Presentable, Self-motivated, Bi-lingual, and Eager to learn

Ø Mandarin speakers who are fluent in oral and written English

Ø Can serve for three months above with a minimum of 3 workdays per week.

4. Job Description

Ø Conduct the market search based on different industries/companies/positions and be involved in the sourcing strategy planning to find target candidates

Ø Coordinate with consultants to collect, classify, compile candidates’ information and do preliminary screening

Ø Sourcing candidates from different channels, supporting consultants to do 1st interview and assessment, and negotiating salary

Ø Supported consultants to prepare candidates’ assessment feedback and recommendation report

Ø Develop long-term and trusted relationships with clients by attaining comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the organization’s culture and resourcing requirements

5. Hiring Process

Ø Recruitment Consultant Trainee / Intern

² HR Phone Screening & Interview

² Business Interview or Group Interview

² Offer 3-day Trial & Start Internship

² Pass Internship Assessment & Convert to Full-time after graduation

6. Application Access / Official WeChat Account / Website

Ø Apply via on-Campus Career Talk

Ø Apply via Official WeChat Account (“HRnetGroup招聘”)

Ø Official Website: https://www.hrnetone.com/