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Notice on 6th Business School Forum

Date:Nov 21, 2022 09:53Source: ClickTimes:

Business School Forum: The Management World Series (2)

Topic: The Management in the Real World: Strategic Choices, Project Operation, Bureaucracy and Innovation

Date & Time: 14:00-17:20, Nov. 22, 2022

Location: C5-109

Speaker: DENG Fei

Speaker Background: PhD from University of London, master and bachelor from Chongqing University, Mr. Deng now is the General Manager of Country Garden's New Energy Business Department, also the vice president of Shenzhen Huada Gene Agriculture Holdings Co., Ltd, and Chairman of Shenzhen Huada Agricultural Application Research Institute. He has positioned as Deputy General Manager of Country Garden Group's Industrial City Development Department, General Manager of China Merchants Operation Company,Chief Commander and Project General Manager of Tonghu Science City of Country Garden. He enjoys excellent educational background and international vision, with rich experience in full-chain housing (industry) real estate such as primary development, mergers and acquisitions, “three old” transformations, industrial land acquisition, secondary development of housing (industry) real estate, international industrial cooperation, etc., with a good financial and financial knowledge structure, and being familiar with new energy, smart construction, new retail, health and other fields.

Abstract: All enterprises are facing a rapidly changing, extremely complex and competitive external market environment, how to maintain sustainable competitiveness, find new business growth points and control the operational risks of enterprises is a key fulcrum to achieve effective evolution for an enterprise, especially a large holding enterprise, and it is also a difficult problem that managers must face with. What is business and management like in the real world? With the speaker's rich practical experience (real estate, industrial real estate, mergers and acquisitions, new energy, new retail, life and health, etc.), from the dimensions of strategic choices (enterprise level), project operation (implementation level), bureaucracy and innovation (institutional level), etc., based on practical case analysis, to show a vivid real-world business and management.

All students and colleagues are welcome to join!