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Notice on 3rd Business School Forum

Date:Oct 24, 2022 10:10Source: ClickTimes:

Topic: Guest Lecture Series (2)-The application of artificial intelligence in enterprise digital transformation

Meeting time: 14:00-17:20, October 27, 2022

Tencent conference ID: 313 438 869

Conference Password: 1020

Speaker: Mr. Liang Xingang

Speaker profile Mr. Liang Xingang, Founder and CEO of Shenzhen Aizhi Technology, he earned a Master of Software Engineering from Peking University. He is also an external tutor of graduate schools at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Xi'an Jiaotong University. He used to work in Huawei's marketing and financial department. After that, he started a new business and led the company to successfully launch on the New Third Board. At present, Aizhi Technology’s main business focuses on applying artificial intelligence (AI) and big data technology to help enterprise customers achieve digital transformation.

Abstract: We are in the era of digitalization and intelligence, and enterprises need comprehensive digitalization transformation, so as to break through the siege, achieve evolution, and continue to grow. This lecture consists of two parts, the technical part and the application part: the technical part is about a fundamental introduction to the artificial intelligence system. The five layers of the AI technology stack (measurement-data-information-knowledge-decision-making) are introduced. Then, some advanced technologies, such as machine learning vision vs expert systems, robots, and digital twins will be covered as well. The application part explains the transformation path for enterprises to apply intelligent and digital technologies. First, it summarizes the three typical needs of enterprise digital transformation: sales, production, and sales, originally created the "3-5-3 model" of enterprise digitalization. Then, practical cases of implementing digital transformation for multiple industries will be shared.

All students and colleagues are welcome to join!