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Course Study Guide for 2021 Cohort Transfer Students of the Business School

Date:Jun 16, 2022 17:10Source: ClickTimes:

Dear students who applied for 2021 cohort major transfer:

In order to ensure a smooth running of Business School 2021 cohort major transfer, now the major courses recognition and remedy plan is published as follows:

1. Students who transfer to our college must take all the courses according to the undergraduate training program of our college. Remediation is required for all required courses that have not been taken or have been taken but have not received credit.

II. The courses students took in the original major can be recognized as credits for relevant courses or related course systems in the training plan of the new major according to the degree of similarity between the course content and that of the new major.

There are four basic principles in curriculum identification:

1. Courses with the same course code number will be directly recognized.

2. Courses with a different gradient of difficulty, unified recognition is as follows: courses with high credits are directly recognized as courses with equal credits or with low credits. When the low credit courses are recognized as high credit courses, the major elective courses corresponding to the credit difference shall be remedied. If not, the student needs to re-take the corresponding course.

3. Tailor-made courses which generally are recognized as extended general education system credit.

During the study period, the total credits of the extended general education courses recognized in various forms shall not exceed half of the total credits of the extended general education courses stipulated in the training program.

4. Extended general education courses are the unified courses of the whole university, and will be automatically included into the extended general education courses of the new major training plan after the change of major, and will not be identified separately.

III. Please refer to the attachment below for the specific program of course identification for different majors.

Attachment 1: Recognition Criteria for 2021 Cohort Transfer Major Courses of Business School - Publicity Version