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Message to students from the Dean (Jan 2022)

Date:Jan 12, 2022 17:22Source: ClickTimes:

12. January 2022

Dear students,

Time is flying. Once more the semester is coming to an end. I like to say thank you for your engagement and your sustainable work during the past semester. I hope that your studies so far have, on the whole, lived up to your expectations and that you have settled in and feel comfortable at the Business School and in our whole university with a lot of new buildings.

Although there are always some smaller or bigger obstacles in- and outside of your environment we assume that you have enjoyed the teaching as well as to live in the campus. After the exhausting last weeks with many exams, which you (hopefully successfully) passed, I wish you relaxing vacations.

And I really hope that you and your family as well as your friends will be untroubled by this new actual type of the strange virus which give us a hard time.

At the same time I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a wonderful Spring Festival and a successful New Year in the Chinese Year of the Tiger, despite the still partly existing restrictions.

We will see us in the next semester.

Best wishes

Holger Haldenwang

Dean of SZTU BS