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Event Notice: Business Negotiation Skills and Project Management using SAFe

Date:May 25, 2021 16:43Source: ClickTimes:

Time: 1st Jun, 2021 14:10-17:00

Location: Room 102 in C5 Teaching Building

Hostess: Assistant Professor Ding Zhuoqi

Topic 1: Business Negotiation Skills:From Confrontation to Win-Win


This lesson will be delivered from the perspective of sales in business activities and teach practical skills of business negotiation through cases of real business world, including business contract clause negotiation, cooperation dispute negotiation, price negotiation, collection negotiation, etc., so that you can resolve disputes by effective negotiation and achieve goals.

Topic 2: Project Management using SAFe in Enterprises


In the rapidly changing environment, especially under the threat of the global pandemic, the use of remote + SAFe project and management models can adapt to changes.

70% of the Fortune 100 companies in the United States have published SAFe practices. Companies that implement SAFe have brought significant improvements in market response speed, goals, quality, and employee input. SAFe has become an unstoppable trend. This lecture will introduce how to use SAFe thinking to effectively improve the efficiency of enterprise project management.