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Notice for SZTU 2020 Spring Term Campus Return Time

Date:Apr 13, 2020 11:34Source: ClickTimes:

Dear Teaching Units

In accordance with the requirements issued by Education Bureau, we hereby notify the following arrangements for students returning to school this semester.

Ⅰ、Schedule of registration and classes

On-campus student registration time: May 16th and 17th

On-campus class starting time: May 18

Online course ending time: May 15

Ⅱ、Registration and student status management

After students arrive at the school, they need to report to the college and submit their student ID cards to the college for registration.

Ⅲ、Student make-up exam arrangement

Make up examinations are decided to take place on May 23, 24 two days.

Ⅳ、Distribution of teaching materials

Registry will arrange textbook distribution on May 16 and 17.

Ⅴ、Other requirements

1. According to the relevant requirements issued by Guangdong Province Office of Education, students based in Shenzhen are recommended to return to campus on May 16, and students outside Shenzhen are recommended to return on May 17.

2. when teachers and students from other provinces entering Guangdong, they should apply for the national integrated platform "health information code for epidemic prevention" or "YueKang code" as the pass certificate of Guangdong province in advance, to realize "one-code pass".


10 April 2020