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Charming English Competition Starts

Date:Mar 30, 2020 11:29Source: ClickTimes:

Dear students,

In order to highlight the characteristics of our school internationalization and strengthen students' English learning and communication capabilities, improve the students' integrated English level, recreation, stimulate students' interest in learning, enrich students' after-class lives, create a good campus culture atmosphere. SZTU colleges decided to organize "Charming English" Competition.
The relevant events are hereby notified as follows:

◾Campaign Slogan:
   Learn to be a better you

◾Rehearsal and Performance Time
   Rehearsal time: June to October, 2020
   Performance time: To be decided

◾Activity Content
(1) Chorus
       30 students are expected to participate
       Song title:"Dream It Possible" by Delacey

(2) Singing and Dancing
      30 students are expected to participate.
      Song title: "ME!" by Taylor Swift

(3) Speeches by Celebrities
     10 students are required to participate.
     The length of the speech is less than 5 minutes.

(4) Dubbing of Classic Films (Excerpt)
     10 students are required to participate.
     The theme is optional and the dubbing image is chosen from an English classic film (the theme should be positive and consistent with the co re socialist values), but the length must be within 3 minutes.

(5) Recitation of Ancient Poems in English
     10 students are required to participate.
     The subject matter is optional, the content is required to be healthy and consistent with one's study situation.

◾Registration Time and Method
   Registration starts now and is valid for a long time.

Contact information:
Liu Jin 17752089869 (same number as WeChat)
Liu Xianyou 18311062587 (same number as WeChat)
Tao Xinxin 18325535072 (same no. WeChat)

We sincerely welcome you to join us!


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