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职务 Assistant Professor


 Zhang  Jinyi


Full name:Zhang Jinyi  
Position:Assistant Professor
College:SZTU Business School  



Personal Profile

Ph.D. in Finance, Postdoctoral Fellow, Assistant Professor, Visiting Scholar of University of Kansas. With three years of working experience in financial enterprises, Dr. Zhang has served as a securities investment consultant, a bond rating analyst and a financial researcher. 

His research interests include banking and risk management, financial technology and quantitative investment. He has participated in a number of projects including National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Social Science Foundation of China and Philosophy and Social Science of the Ministry of Education. He has published 4 academic papers in CSSCI/SSCI journals such as "Finance and Trade Economics", "Research in International Business and Finance" and "China Economic Review". He is good at data analysis and quantitative modeling. He created a WeChat subscription "Python Financial Quantification" to share the application of Python in the field of financial quantification, and published more than 60 original articles, followed by more than 35,000 people.

Papers published:

1. Bank capital buffer, franchise value, and risk heterogeneity in China[J]. Research in International Business and Finance, 2017, 42(DEC.):1455-1466.

2. Capital regulatory pressure, charter value and bank risk-taking: Empirical Evidence for China[J]. Journal of Financial Regulation & Compliance, 2017:00-00.

3. How does capital buffer affect bank risk-taking? New evidence from China using quantile regression[J]. China Economic Review, 2019, 60.

4. Interconnectedness of Banks' Tail Risk Network and Its Effect on Systemic Risk from China’s Listed Banks [J]. Finance & Trade Economics, 2018 (8): 5.

Projects participated in:

1. 2019-2020, Research on Macro-prudential Financial Supervision Mechanism Considering Tail Risk Correlation and Counter-cyclical Factors, supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

2. 2015-2018, Multi-level and Multi-dimensional Financial Supervision Coordination Mechanism, supported by basic scientific research funds of central universities.

3. 2014-2018, Designing the Incentive Compatible Mechanism of Commercial Bank Internal Risk Control and External Supervision, supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.


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